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Things are looking up — and all those nail-biting doubts about skills and attitude are about to get a lot less. No more relying on gut-feel, from now on a whole set of internationally-proven skills tests and psychometric profiling clicks into place, working to make your next job decision a 100 percent success.

The ClickATest Assessment Process — making sure you’re right

Knowing a person from a first-time meeting is impossible unless you’re psychic. Or unless you know the right questions to find out. Precision skills can be very exacting — often specialised way beyond degree level. So can simply knowing what kind of attitude you are dealing with.

Which of course is why you’re using ClickATest. Both are easily and accurately measured — online at your candidate’s convenience 24/7. Both are available free for you to evaluate for yourself.

And delivered to you confidentially as soon as they are complete. Now, what was your problem?

ClickATest in Perspective

ClickATest is an online assessment centre designed for personnel evaluation. It tests skills and it tests attitude — helping companies hire the right people - and spotlight the potential in existing staff.

How does it work?

The skills tests are set by experts and specific to a tightly defined subject. For instance if it’s a test of software skills, it will focus on a particular discipline such as finance or administration. This keeps each test compact and achievable within a 10—15 minute time frame, easy to do online.

The attitude tests are all based on DISC psychometrics, which take about 10 minutes to explore the extremes of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness in assessing interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork, and communication.

What are the advantages?

  • Verify and confirm specific job skills
  • Determine potential job skills
  • Use as a brush-up — particularly language fluency
  • Identify staff and candidates personality traits
  • Make accurate hiring decisions
  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Determine training needs
  • And much more…

What about my trial?

Choose from our 10 psychometric tests for attitude. Simply create an account at ClickATest and ask candidates to sit your chosen test assessment. Once it is completed, you can select the results you want to see and buy the reports relevant to your need.

Please note that tests require an initial deposit before testing can commence.


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Testing Works!
What Clients are saying:
"Introducing a test like this into the hiring process is a no-brainer. Taking the added pre-caution of spending £30 to find out if a candidate really knows XML easily offsets the risk of hiring the wrong person who is going to be paid that same amount in their first hour of employment anyway."

John Lewis Partnership
Paul Darrall, IT Specialist