500 Ways to Avoid Wrong Recruiting Costs

Wrong staff hire is expensive. Interviewing, training and bringing a new employee up to speed takes forever at negative income. Add termination costs and severance pay, and the price tag could easily be £50,000*. All that, and the vacancy still persists, doing nothing while the whole exercise is done again — but is nearly all preventable by new online tests to verify skills and attitude levels.

ClickATest CEO Yngve Traberg
ClickATest CEO
Yngve Traberg

Launched last week is a quick and cost-effective series of more than 500 online evaluations from ClickATest.co.uk — a division of ClickAJob, the UK’s largest online job search engine.

Employers select the discipline required for the job, and candidates sit the test in their own time over 25 — 60 minutes at any PC connected to the Internet.

In one move, the already hugely successful ClickAJob facility is complemented by the UK’s largest online test platform.

Testing for truth

"It’s vital to shorten the odds", says Yngve Traberg, CEO of the ClickAJob Group, who acknowledges that all candidates are good at looking like winnners. "From books, DVDs or online templates, it’s too easy for anyone to whip up a first-class CV".

"Prepping for interviews is highly developed too, hyping candidates into slick presentations of themselves that could stop a runaway train".

Such tactics severely challenge the traditional interview, with candidates regularly embellishing themselves to score 110 percent and more.


"Without testing there is no failsafe," says Traberg. "It’s all too easy to succumb to the pleasant smile and firm handshake".

"Online tests go deeper, resolving the two questions every employer needs urgent answers to: Is this person up to scratch? And Does this person WANT to do the job?"


At the click of a mouse, the new ClickATest evaluations set the first hurdle at a whole spectrum of cutting-edge skills tests to probe professional working experience and dexterity. Before even getting to an interview, employers can see at a glance how well potential candidates perform. Applicants too can verify if they are as good as they think they are.


The second hurdle is set for attitude, where ClickATest’s experience with psychometric tests in two short years has already saved clients thousands of pounds. Employers know before they see a face, exactly the kind of person they are dealing with.

Quality standards

Instantly available online, skills tests are certified to stringent ISO 9001:2000 specifications and cover Computer Software, Essential Skills, Health Care, Finance Industry, Information Technology, Languages, Management and Office Skills — with more on the way in months.

Attitude tests explore personal adroitness in handling people and customers, focused tightly on sales, management and communication qualities — all ready and waiting 24/7 at www.clickatest.co.uk

* Disbelievers are referred to ClickATest’s online Wrong Hire Cost Calculator for a realistic look at the shattering consequences.