No gripes Allowed

Concern at complaints against recruitment companies has spurred one get-ahead Weybridge consultancy to raise its game.

ClickATest CEO Yngve Traberg
CAJ:Associates CEO
Yngve Traberg

Already equipped with the latest computer technology, consultants at CAJ:Associates are re-doubling efforts to ensure that complaints just don’t happen.

Zero complaints target

"We’re a real people service with a focus on personal attention", says CEO Yngve Traberg. "There will always be hiccups, but our consultants are determined to reduce all complaints to zero".

Figures released by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation list 685 complaints in 2006, many unintentional, such as urgent issues in which procedures might get missed.

Boeing check-list

The response from CAJ consultants is to streamline the way they operate, developing their own checklist to work the same way as Boeing captains’ pre-flight procedures before take-off. Behind it, a whole new discipline of attention to detail is beginning to pay off.

"People are complex creatures", say Traberg. "In the Twenty-First Century it’s important to remember that. Just one little detail can be the deciding factor in matching a person to a successful career role".

Jumbo take-off

Comprehensive and detailed, CAJ:Associates’ new service checklist is thorough and quick to complete, just like a Jumbo making ready for take-off. Part of it is filled in by candidates, the rest by consultants. By missing nothing out, complaints should never happen.

About CAJ:Associates

Headquartered in London along with other leading companies, CAJ:Associates is a full-service recruitment consultancy that combines traditional face-to-face attention with the flexibility of the Internet. The company is part of a dedicated Human Resources group that includes ClickAJob, the UK's largest online job search engine with over 800,000 job vacancies; and ClickATest, a web-based test centre recently expanded to become the UK’s largest online skills and attitude assessment platform.