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Computer Forensics (U.S.) Test

Our Computer Forensics (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of Computer Forensics. Designed for the experienced user, but an average performer in this role should pass this test. This test covers the following topics: Analyzing Evidence, Collecting Evidence, Data Types, Examination Procedures, Forensic Tools, Initial Analysis, Investigative Preparation, and Report Findings.

Scope of the online Computer Forensics (U.S.) Test

Analyzing Evidence
Operating System
Collecting Evidence
Data Capture
Data Image Verification and Authentication
Duplication and Preservation of Evidence
Data Types
Encrypted Data
Intellectual Property
Privacy Concerns
Examination Procedures
Auditing Via Overt and Covert Monitoring
Gathering Evidence
Understanding the Laws and Governance
Forensic Tools
Initial Analysis
Goals of an Investigation
Impact Analysis
Reasons for Conducting an Investigation
Who to Contact and Include
Investigative Preparation
Discovering Target Evidence
Isolating Logical Evidence
Isolating Physical Evidence
Report Findings
Approach and Presentation
Interfacing with the Customer
Report Preparation


40 minutes.

Assessment Method of Questions

Multiple choice questions

Each question has between 2 and 8 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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