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IMS 6.0 (IBM Management System) Test

Our IMS 6.0 test measures your knowledge of the IBM hierarchical database management system database. Designed for experienced database managers and system engineers, this test covers the following topics: Data Base Description, Loading/Inserting Segments, Sequential Retrieval, Random Retrieval, Deleting/Replacing Segments, DL/I Processing, and Command Codes.

Scope Of The Online IMS 6.0 (IBM Management System) Test

Command Codes
Command Code Usage
Database Description
Access Methods
Hierarchical Structure
Database Interface
Boolean Operators
DL/I Call and Parameter List
Key Feedback Areas
PCB Mask
Program Linkage
SSA Format
Deleting/Replacing Segments
Deleting Segments
Get-Hold Calls
DL/I Processing
Logical Database
Secondary Indexing
Loading/Inserting Segments
Insert Call
Inserting Segments
Loading a Database
Processing Interface
Random Retrieval
Program Considerations
Random Retrievals
Segment Search Arguments
Retrieval Calls
Get-Hold Calls
Get-Next Calls
Get-Next-Within Parent Calls
Sequential Retrieval
Setting Parentage
Skip-Sequential Processing


40 minutes.

Assessment Method of Questions

Multiple choice questions

Each question has between 2 and 8 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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