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MS Internet Explorer 4.0 Fundamentals Test

Our MS Internet Explorer 4.0 Fundamentals test is part of our fundamentals line of business applications tests. These tests demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to proficiently use the most popular business applications at a user level. These tests are focused on the topics used daily by most professionals and do not include some of the advanced topics and skills found in our core business applications tests. The core test in this area is our MS Internet Explorer 4.0 Administration test. Our MS Internet Explorer 4.0 Fundamentals test covers the following topics: Advanced Features, Application Integration, Browsing the Web, Component Applications, Customizing the Browser, Explorer 4 General, Printing and Saving pages, and Security Features.

Scope of the online MS Internet Explorer 4.0 Fundamentals Test

Advanced features
Active Channels
Changing content ratings
Content Advisor
Application integration
Sending web pages by email
Starting programs from the address bar
Web integrated desktop setup
Browsing the web
Keyboard Shortcuts
Searching from the address bar
The Autocomplete feature
Tools for efficient browsing
Web Searching
Component Applications
Frontpage Express
Microsoft Chat
Microsoft Wallet
Outlook Express
Customizing the browser
Customizing web page display
Display controls for web pages
Managing History Files
Managing temporary internet files
Organizing web links
The Explorer bar and toolbars
Explorer 4 general
Installation options
Key components
Offline browsing
Printing and saving pages
Desktop shortcuts
Printing web pages
Saving web pages to disk
Using a web page as wallpaper
Security Features
Changing a security level
Security Certificates
Security zone configuration
Security zones


40 minutes.

Assessment Method of Questions

Multiple choice questions

Each question has between 2 and 8 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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