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MS Internet Explorer 6.0 Fundamentals Test

Our MS Internet Explorer 6.0 Fundamentals test measures your knowledge of the skills necessary to proficiently use MS Internet Explorer at a user level. Designed for all users, this test covers the following topics: Basic Features and Functions, Browser Usage, Customization, Privacy, Security, and Setup and Installation.

Scope of the online MS Internet Explorer 6.0 Fundamentals Test

Basic Features and Functions
Browser Components
File Downloads
Help Functions
Saving and Printing Web Pages and Text
Search Functionalities
Browser Usage
Basic Web Page Features
Internet Navigation
Sending Links and Pages Via E-mail
Web Addresses
Accessibility and User Features
Browser Appearance Customization
Favorites Management
Toolbars and Status Bars
Digital Certificates and P3P Privacy Policies
History, Cookies and Cache Folders
Personal Information Privacy Maintenance
Privacy Settings and Cookies
Computer Hacker Protection
Computer Virus Protection
Secure Password Creation and Maintenance
Security Zone Configuration
Setup and Installation
Browser Installation
Connections to the Internet
Hardware and O/S Requirements


40 minutes.

Assessment Method of Questions

Multiple choice questions

Each question has between 2 and 8 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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