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Network Technical Support Test

Our Network Technical Support test measures your knowledge of Network Technical Support. It is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for the setup, configuration and maintenance of a network and those responsible for end user network support. This support could be face to face or via a help desk. An average performer in this role should pass this test. The test covers the following topics: End User Support, Network Design, Network Health, Network Security, Switching and Routing, WAN Support, Wired LAN Support, and Wireless LAN Support.

Scope of the online Network Technical Support Test

End User Support
IP Telephony
LAN and WLAN User Support
Mobile User Support
Support Utilities
Network Design
Disaster Recovery
Network Topology
Wired Device Installation
Wireless Device Installation
Network Health
Load Balancing
SNMP Configuration
SNMP Monitoring
Software Maintenance
Traffic Logging and Inspection
Network Security
Data Security
Physical Security
Threat Recognition
Switching and Routing
Routing Protocols
Switching Protocols
VLANs and Tagging
WAN Support
WAN Configuration
WAN Diagnostics
WAN Hardware
Wired LAN Support
Cabling Faults
Cabling Technologies
LAN Diagnostics
LAN Hardware
Wireless LAN Support
WLAN Configuration
WLAN Diagnostics
Wireless Protocols
Wireless Security


40 minutes.

Assessment Method of Questions

Multiple choice questions

Each question has between 2 and 8 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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