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Purchasing Supply Environment (U.S.) Test

Our Purchasing Supply Environment (U.S.) test measures your knowledge of supply chain management within the United States of America. Designed for the experienced procurement professional, this test covers the following topics: Functions of Purchasing and Supply Management, Sourcing, Special Purchases, Contract Administration, Institutional and Government Purchasing, Materials Management Activities, and General Management Responsibilities.

Scope Of The Online Purchasing Supply Environment (U.S.)

Contract Administration
Design Specs and Engineering Drawings
Management of Supplier Relations
Managing for Quality
Postaward Activities
General Management Responsibilities
Appraisal, Control, Reports
Developing and Managing the Buyer Plan
Legal Considerations
Value Analysis/Engineering
Institutional and Government Purchasing
Contract Administration
Identifying and Organizing Potential Suppliers
Institutions and Governmental Organizations
Requisition of Goods and Services
Materials Management Activities
Inventory Management
Production Planning
Surplus Materials and Environmental Consideration
Warehouse and Stores Management
Cost Analysis
International/Global Sourcing
Pricing Principles
Sources of Supply
Special Purchases
Purchasing Capital Equipment
Purchasing Services
The Functions of Purchasing and Supply Management
Computer-Based Systems and EDI
Objectives and Policies
Operating Procedures
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management in Business
Purchasing: A Profession in Transition
The Generation of Requirements
New Product Development
Purchase Descriptions and Specifications


40 minutes.

Assessment Method of Questions

Multiple choice questions

Each question has between 2 and 8 options out of which 1 or more may be correct.

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