Key Advantages

Attracting and Keeping Talent

A major talent shortage for top skilled roles is already happening round the world. To meet it, the international Gartner Group forecasts that leading companies will have to make big investments in managing staff skills, building up by at least 25% a year until 2009.

It will be well worth it. With talent increasingly scarce, hiring new staff, managing them and keeping them motivated are issues no company can afford to get wrong. Missing out on good people is a major loss and mistakes cost big money. In trying to stay competitive without the right people in place, things can go backwards very fast.

To keep their edge, more and more companies are using ClickATest’s specifically-targeted individual tests (the multiple-test package versions provide deeper insights) as a tool to help them hire the best people, match them with the right jobs, and keep them enthusiastic about the work they do.

Individually targeted attention

Always ready online, ClickATest’s wide range of tests measures specific candidate abilities or skills — characteristics unique only to them — quickly and easily.

The psychometric tests provide an accurate personality snapshot with potential behaviour profile and job performance ratings.

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Skills tests cover job roles across most industries to varying levels of capability, measuring each individual’s performance against specific roles.

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Driving to improve

Attitude is the key to every successful employee, a quality that is tested for by algorithms that explore deep psychological feelings to determine a positive outlook. On the skills front, professional in-depth tests help to manage human capital resources in a way that promotes quality output and high performance values. Using both, ClickATest screening becomes a drive to improvement, an effective contributor to employee efficiency.

High quality results

ClickATest’s personal profile analysis tests are certified by the British Psychological Society as meeting psychometric requirements for use as a psychological tool. The skills tests are all certified to ISO 9001:2000 specifications, providing world-standard, reliable results. Attitude and capability are appraised in a way that is easy to trust and rely on — for individuals and employers alike.

Effective headhunting

Testing takes out the guesswork, providing a measurable reading of  "how good is this person" before the effort and expense of short-listing and interviewing. Such pre-screening saves money too, focusing on just the A-list, avoiding the risk of wrong selection, and accurately predicting the best options of personality and competence.