More than ever, businesses are under increasing pressure to recruit and retain the best people. ClickATest’s psychometric assessment is a valuable asset in providing you with the best tools to increase your recruitment success.

Shortlisting candidates

Quick and effective method of shortlisting when you have a lot of applicants for one vacancy.

Improve recruitment practice

Check candidates’ psychometric profiles, match the key needs and requirements of the vacancy.

Improve internal employee development

Reliable psychometric information on an individual can illuminate training needs and identify management potential.

Positive business reputation

Psychometric Evaluation reflects good recruitment practices. You can give constructive feedback to candidates based on assessment results.

Business strategy

Banking your psychometric results against future hiring needs can help future business strategy: use the results to evaluate what people qualities you have, and what you need.

Protect your business

Assessments can help to protect you against claims of unfair recruitment practices — demonstrating that you use a fair and consistent selection system.

Most progressive recruiters prefer to use best practice to select the best staff and manage the careers of potential candidates.

By helping you hire more wisely, ClickATest’s psychometric evaluation puts your business in front.

The tests save valuable time, minimise recruitment costs and reduce the probability of hiring mistakes.