Report packages

At substantial discounts, ClickATest’s bundled psychometric report packages are a big cost saving compared to buying individual reports.

Each package consists of two or three separate reports all related to a specific employee position (such as “sales person”, “manager” or “call centre operator”).

Personal insight:
Behavioural insights in a business context

The Personal Insight package is a powerful workplace inventory that can be used in virtually every aspect of human relations within the work environment.

  • Identifies most suitable candidates
  • Highlights candidates natural abilities & shortcomings
  • Discovers motivating factors
  • And much more

This package contains fundamental information on a person’s individuality and is strongly recommended to all users.


Management insight:
Candidate behaviour traits vs. effective management traits

Modern Managers need a range of abilities that aren’t often reflected in their CV’s. The Management Insight package highlights whether your candidate has what it takes to be successful.

Managing & Motivating, Planning & Problem Solving, Communication, Administration and Developing Others are all factors hard to uncover in interview, let the Management Insight give you a view into your candidates abilities.


Sales insight:
Candidate behaviour traits vs. effective selling traits

The Sales Team is the driving force of many businesses. Recruiting the wrong people can often have devastating effects on cash flow.

Dramatically increase your success rates discovering:

  • How they fare when it comes to opening…
  • Whether they are effective at closing deals…
  • If they can conduct inspiring presentations…

The Sales Insight package answers all these questions. Don’t risk wrong recruiting without it!


Call centre insight

Recruiting the wrong candidates into Telesales and Call Centre roles can cost companies huge sums in lost revenue and high staff turnover.

The Call Centre Insight package allows you to screen candidates far more successfully.

Use the Insight to evaluate their ability to promote products, services and concepts proactively — and and gauge their capacity to understand and respond to Client needs.