Call centre insight


Call Centres face a unique set of staffing issues. Absenteeism and high staff turn over have plagued the industry for many years.

Now the ClickATest Call Centre review offers you a solution to these issues. By assessing potential candidates you can discover how suited they are to a call centre environment, and ultimately whether or not they will actually enjoy and succeed within the role. The less suited the candidate the higher the likelihood of them leaving the company after only a short period of employment. This is information you definitely need before employing and training the candidate.

It’s an invaluable tool that will highlight how the candidate will settle into the job before they even begin!

Also included in this staff evaluation pack is the “How to manage” report that gives the manager an insight into the techniques that will motivate that specific individual, making it much easier to unleash the potential within your team.

Use the ClickATest Call Centre Insight for:

  • Recruiting Staff — lower the risk of picking the wrong people
  • Raising your staff retention rates
  • Increasing activity through personalised motivation techniques

Reports Included in this Package:

1. Call Centre Audit
Staff retention is a huge issue in the call centre industries. Companies spend huge amounts of money training people who leave within the first few months. This report allows you to compare the requirements of a call centre position against the behavioural traits of the candidate. Candidates whose personality matches the role enjoy the experience and take more out of it, dramatically reducing the likelihood of them leaving to pursue other roles.

Their personality is analysed in reference to their ability to understand and respond to client needs, solve problems and impart information. Their ability to demonstrate persistence with sensitivity and how well they are able to promote products, services and concepts are also measured.

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2. General Questionnaire
From this Psychometric Questionnaire report you discover what to expect from this person in a working environment and which questions will help you to effectively assess their abilities during an initial interview.

This report is most effective during the recruitment of new personnel.

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