Management insight


Recruiting a new manager is an extremely important decision for any business. The successful candidate will have a huge impact on the day-to-day workings of the company and will be instrumental to its future success.

Because of this it is imperative that you know as much as possible about your candidates. The ClickATest Management Insight Leadership Assessment provides you with a window into the personality and working style of the potential candidate. Identifying whether they have what it takes to lead your company into the future.

Use the ClickATest management insight for:

  • Recruiting manager
  • Developing current managers
  • Screening unsuitable candidates

Reports Included in this Package:

1. Management Audit
A thorough report describing the candidate’s suitability for a role in business management. The report goes into detail over their ability to manage and motivate, make decisions and their inter-personal communication skills. This report is an excellent overview as to whether your candidate has what it takes to lead the team.

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2. Management Interview Questionnaire
Highlights the shortcomings of the candidate and prepares a question sheet to allow you to probe the problem areas in interview and discover whether or not they will be problematic for the role you are recruiting for.

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