Personal insight


The Personal Insight is a comprehensive report on the candidate that gives the on-the-ball manager an invaluable tool to assess the human potential within their company.

Time and time again the Personal Insight reports have significantly improved companies’ ability to find, recruit, develop and retain the right people.

As a measure of personality and temperament applied to a business context, the report describes how various situations will impact the candidate.

Use the ClickATest Personal Insight for:

  • Recruiting Staff — Find Staff who will be happy in the role
  • Conducting Appraisals — Motivate and develop your staff
  • Enabling more effective management communication

Psychometric Reports Included in this Package:

1. Personal Review
A wide-ranging overview of the candidate’s personality and preferred working style. The report identifies their main attributes and describes them in detail. This report also goes on to suggest methods of maximising their potential and responsibilities that are likely to excel at.

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2. Strengths & Limitations
A bullet pointed list of the candidate’s behavioural traits that will be useful to you in a working situation and areas where their personal shortcomings will limit their success.

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3. How to Effectively Manage
The guidelines to making the candidate a successful member of your team. Covering methods of motivating them that will appeal to them the most, how to communicate in ways that they will understand and act on and advice on how to most effectively direct, support and develop the candidate. Takes all the effort out of being a people manager!

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