Sales insight


Hiring effective sales people is vital in the modern business world. The Sales Insight Skills Assessment is one way you can greatly reduce the chance of hiring the wrong person.

This saves you money.

A effective sales person promotes your company, closes deals and drives sales. Targets are broken and revenue raised.

This makes you money.

The assessment identifies key factors that are simply crucial to the success of a sales person.

Since our sales insight tests will mean that you will be hiring more winners, you will generate higher sales and profits, save valuable time, reduce hiring and training costs, minimise turnover and improve day-to-day management, thus unleashing the untapped potential in your sales people.

Use the ClickATest Sales Insight for:

  • Recruiting staff — screen candidates who don’t have the sale talent
  • Identifying the exact areas where sales people can improve
  • Enabling more effective management communication

Reports Included in this Package:

1. Sales Audit
The sales audit can reveal the true ability of the candidate. Accurately covering topics such as opening and communication, identifying whether or not they have what it takes to successfully close a deal, presentation techniques and other sales based abilities. Do not recruit sales people without it. You have been warned!

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2. Sales Interview Questionnaire
The sales interview questionnaire pulls out possible sales weaknesses within the candidate and produces structured questioning around this. The questions and hints allow you to quiz your candidate in interview to see if they really have what it takes to be a successful sales person in your company.

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