Benefits of Skills Test

Assessments cannot make hiring decisions for you. But they can answer vital questions before any commitment is made, or time wasted on an interview:

  • What kind of person is the candidate?
  • Are they competent to do the work expected of them?
  • Does their working history indicate a terrific employee or a problem?
  • Do their test results substantiate the claims on their CV?
  • Is their attitude likely to enhance or reduce performance?
  • Do their interests match the job?
  • Are they passionate enough to stay, or part of the churnfire?

Make interviews work harder

With test results in hand before any interview, you are well equipped to ask the right questions and find out exactly what kind of asset the candidate might represent. You also have a good fix on how well they are likely to integrate with your team and how well they will perform once in place — almost impossible to determine from an interview.

Make selection more effective

Assessments save time too, particularly with pre-screening. By filtering for attitudes and abilities, you can arrive at a short-list more quickly, saving your valuable time for the more likely key contributors. Conflicting qualification requirements? Solve the issue with a few clicks.

Make people management easier

Knowing your people well is a recipe for success — especially when you are up-to-date and accurately aware of their motivation levels and capabilities. With such data you can:

  • Benchmark the critical skills and attributes of staff for future development
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of management
  • Get the information you need to recruit more effectively